Enhance Community Wellness

Increase Public Safety Through Offender Rehabilitation

The Marin County Probation Department strives to provide effective resources based on evidence based practices that address the unique needs of each offender to reduce recidivism/re-incarceration.

Story of our Success

The Marin County Probation Department has been successful in our goal of increasing adult probationer’s successful completion rate. From December 2020 through December of 2021, probation success rates increased from 73% to 80%. This success is due in part to the ongoing creation of new programs and increased use of evidence-based practices.
Specific efforts launched in FY 22-23 that helped to increase success rates included
  • Implementing multiple community based check-in sites which:
    • Allows staff to meet populations on probation closer to where they reside
    • Reduces barrier for clients who would have to travel greater distances to check-in as directed.
    • Assists staff to  see clients in a space where they are comfortable and can be a catalyst for relationship building.
  • Creation of the first County Veteran’s Court to assist probation clients that are military veterans and possess unique needs that we strive to meet.
  • Developing a race equity initiative that has focused on the needs of the community we serve through an equity lens to ensure we are meeting their needs successfully. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and Belonging (DEIB) has become a core component of the Department’s work plan and will provide opportunities for improving wellness internally and for the population we serve. 
FY 2022-23 Objectives
  • Work with the Superior Court and local partners to expand pre-trial monitoring services to seven days a week with increased monitoring options that allow defendants to maintain employment and family ties while protecting public safety. 
  • Work with the Community Corrections Partnership board to develop recommendations and initiate a plan for a collaboratively run, centrally located, community-based day reporting center to provide accessible support services and reporting options for justice-involved individuals.

Performance Goal

Our goal is to increase the percentage of adult offenders successfully completing probation annually by two percent by 2024.

Yearly Results

The yearly percentage of adult probation completions since 2016 has been with the lowest of the range of 72% (in 2017) and the latest and highest percentage of 80% in 2021.
Two measures below display yearly and quarterly rates of successful completion of adult probation from 2016 to 2023. If you would like to view more historical data trends per statistic, you can click "View Measure" link in each widget.

Quarterly Results

The quarterly data shows a more detailed view compared to the yearly data above. Since the second quarter of 2016, the percentage of adult probation completions has ranged from a low of 67% (first quarter of 2017) to a high of 81% (the third quarter of 2021).

Breakdown by Age

In the measures below, you can see 6 different measures broken down by age groups in the year 2023. The measures go from a low of 68% (ages 25-34) and high of 100% (ages 65 & older)

Breakdown by Ethnicity

In the measures below, you can see 6 different measures broken down by age groups in the year 2023. The measures go from a low of 74% (Hispanic) and high of 100% (Asian)