Public Lands

From the Pacific Coast to San Pablo Bay, Marin County has an abundance of public lands, reflecting a rich conservation heritage. Residents, neighborhoods, community organizations, and government agencies have worked together over several decades to protect thousands of acres of public parks and open space. These natural treasures, shared by all, make Marin County an extraordinary place to live, work, and play.
In 2022, Marin County voters re-implemented Measure A, a nine-year, quarter-cent sales tax that supports parks, open space, and agricultural lands. By law, Measure A funds are spent on County-managed parks and open space, sustainable agriculture, recreation in Marin’s 19 cities and towns, and land acquisition. Measure A supports a wide range of initiatives, including reducing wildfire risk, maintaining roads and trails, improving parks, restoring wetlands, providing public events and programs, and preserving land in accordance with regional conservation goals.
a photo of a man and two girls on the ranch pasture.
46% of Marin County's land area is managed by an array of public agencies–federal, state, county, cities, towns, and special districts. 18,400 acres are under the jurisdiction of the County of Marin. These agencies work together as part of One Tam.
The map below shows all public lands in Marin County.

Public Lands Dashboard

The dashboard below allows you to view different public lands by what entity manages the public land, the type of public land, and the size of the land by acres. This dashboard also includes a "Filter Search" that allows you to view bubble sizes in acres of different public land names. For example, by entering keywords such as "Marin," "San Rafael," or "Tamalpais," the bubble chart will only display public lands with the example keywords in the public land name. The default filters selected for "Public Land Management" are public lands managed by Marin County.