Defensible Space Evaluations

Improve Defensible Space Evaluations & Increase Community Education

MCFD joins with Ross Valley Fire Department, Kentfield Fire Department, and Central Marin Fire Department to provide a team of experienced defensible space inspectors who will help homeowners identify risks and suggest mitigations to better protect their homes and community.
Our defensible space inspection and education program visits over 10,000 homes each season, which starts in April of each year and wraps up in the Fall.  This team is led by career professionals who work year round to support this program.
Marin County Firefighters interacting with members of the community
The graphic above displays the number of defensible space inspection throughout the season.  As you can see, the season starts late Spring and ramps up throughout the Summer.
The graphic above displays the jurisdiction where defensible inspections are occurring, the segments within each bar on the graph correspond to the month of the inspection.
The graph above displays the number of in-person educational contacts that our defensible space inspectors make during the season (Spring through Fall)