Enhance Decision Making Through Data and Outcomes

The Marin County Probation department is committed to our core values that include communication, collaboration and cooperation. We will use that as a foundation in our efforts to enhance decision making through data and outcomes.
FY 2022-23 Objectives
  •   In coordination with Information Services and Technology and our Criminal Justice Partners, implement an integrated Case Management system to increase the efficiency of staff services and client-facing tools, and to enhance the effectiveness of diversion, monitoring and other programming.
  •  Review local decision-making tools, including the Pretrial Release Assessment, to ensure responses reflect local population characteristics and promote responses that are culturally responsive and limit the intrusion of personal biases in decision making.
  • Increase community engagement and outreach to increase awareness of the expanding and important role that Probation plays in the development of preventative and rehabilitative programs that reduce the likelihood of future crime and recidivism.   

Evidence Based Practices

The Probation Industry has been building its competency and strength in using Evidence-Based Practices over the last two decades.  The use of risk assessments, graduated sanctions and responses, and cognitive programming is core to our success.  Constant evaluation and review of data is necessary to inform program development that meets the needs of the Marin population. 
Levels of Risk