Ensure our services are efficient and effective

Improve community engagement

Action Plan A: By June 2021, conduct one focus group with members of local commissions, and one focus group with individuals who staff local commissions, to better understand how to support their work.
Action Plan B: By June 2022, develop two new materials/training tools/resources to support individuals staffing or serving on local boards and commissions.
Citizen and employees celebrating Pride Month
Provide multiple means of watching Board of Supervisor meetings
1 - County-Recorded Meetings
Since 2005 Marin County has recorded County Board of Supervisor meetings and made them available for viewing on its County website.  These meetings are accessed by the public on the County's Search or Watch a Meeting page, in its archives section.  Typically people who search for and watch these recorded meetings are engaged and watch them for at least many minutes.
For four of the first five months shown in 2020, the number of viewers was between 400 and 550, but in the sixth month, June, the number of viewers peaked at over 900.
2 - Facebook Live-Recorded Meetings
To further improve community engagement, in April 2020 the County started recording Board of Supervisor meetings on Facebook Live.  These meetings are accessed by the public via the County's Facebook Group, on its video page.  Because of the way Facebook tracks video views, each view is watched for only three or more seconds.  A large portion of views occur as users scroll down their News Feeds; these users are probably not very engaged on average.  The rest of the views occur on the above-referenced video page and are likely those of engaged viewers, just like the County recordings above.  For these reasons the number of views on Facebook recordings is orders of magnitude greater than the views on the County's recordings.
The graph below shows that in April of 2020, the first month using Facebook Live, there were almost 5,000 views as Facebook defines them.  Two months later the total number of views increased to over 22,000, with a significant increase the last month.

Increase efficiency in work related to Board of Supervisors agenda materials and processes

Action Plan A: By June 2021, research options to adopt a new agenda management system
Action Plan B: By June 2022, Implement a new agenda management system
Staff member manages board meeting on laptop