The State of Marin County 2019

Collaboration and engagement tie our top priorities together. The success of County efforts in the areas of Sustainability, Equity and Performance Management boils down to participation – not just of local government employees and elected officials but the people living in our cities, towns, and remote areas. 
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Marin County has been a sustainability leader among local governments and prioritized environmental causes for since the 1960s, but it is facing a true emergency as the effects of climate change become increasingly drastic and fatal.
The County has made great strides in reducing its own carbon footprint, but a similar commitment to sustainable living must be adopted by every resident regardless of their demographic profile.  LEARN MORE.

Marin Compass

The County of Marin has 22 departments that provides more than 300 programs to our community.  As a steward of public resources, we are working to achieve the best outcomes in our programs and services. 
Marin Compass is our new performance management that creates a culture of continuous improvement where we engage employees and residents to ensure we’re addressing the most important issues, while using data to measure meaningful outcomes. LEARN MORE.

Equity in Housing

The ongoing housing crisis has really brought Marin's housing equity issues to light. Where you live matters and is the cornerstone of equity.
The County has strengthened programs that improve lives of residents faced with high rents or mortgages and vulnerable to forced relocation outside of Marin.  Marin’s identity is at stake. With eager participation by residents, the County wants to Marin to be seen as a more welcoming place.  LEARN MORE.

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