Maintain a Fair
and Equitable Marketplace

Objectives for ensuring a fair and equitable marketplace in Marin County

One foundation of any civilization is trade and commerce. No society prospers unless its citizens conduct business in a reliable, predictable manner.
Through appropriate regulation of commerce and with accurate weights, measures and standards we ensure that business is conducted fairly and transparently to benefit both the consumers and vendors in Marin County.

Accuracy of commercial devices

Our Department strives to ensure that devices used in commercial transactions are inspected on a regular basis and that they perform according to specifications required by California's laws and regulations.
Such devices include scales, gas pumps, taxi meters, water dispensers, fabric meters and many other instruments used in buying and selling weighed or measured commodities.

Electric watthour submeters

One such commercial device is the electric watthour sub-meter, commonly in use at mobile home parks and marinas to deliver power to individual residents or tenants from a landlord's "master meter." Tenants are billed based on the readings of their electric sub-meter. While landlords and property managers are required to have each of their sub-meters inspected and sealed by the County every 10 years, the Department has undertaken a survey of on-site field inspections of businesses using sub-meters to assess whether the meters in use have actually been tested within the past 10 years.
Performing these on-site inspections will verify that these meters are being properly tested and sealed, which will enable the Department to identify and prevent any further consumer and business harm.

Sites audited vs total sites in Marin

Total sites

The first step in the Department's project is to audit each site in Marin that owns and operates electric submeters. The following data illustrates the Department's progress against the goal of auditing each of the  known sites operating commercial submeters in Marin.
Due to the nature of auditing large sites and auditing several sites in overlapping timeframes, the sites audited graph below reflects periodic "plateaus" in ongoing progress.
Aerial photo of mobile home park.

Electric Submeter Audit & Compliance

The Department's goal is to have all electric submeters in use in Marin County compliant with California law and regulations. This includes having 100% of meters in use tested and sealed. California law requires that electric submeters used to charge for power are tested and sealed every 10 years. Regular testing ensures that meters are accurate and correct, that they meet industry and legal standards and specifications.

Current compliance rates

The Total Compliance Rate for Electrical Submeters below shows that since the testing started in 07/01/2019, the compliance rate has ranged from 51% to 88%. The next graph, Electric Submeter Audit, shows the number of meters that have been tested since the 07/01/2019 start of this County-wide audit effort.
The Total Compliance Rate varies over time as facility owners/operators submit meters for required periodic inspection and as more sites and meters are audited and added to the known population of electric meters operating in Marin County. The Department estimates a total of approximately 4,000 submeters are in service in Marin County.
electric watthour submeter

Meter sites

Map of audited sites operating electric submeters in Marin County. Click the submeter symbol on the map to see each site's total number of meters and number of those meters meeting California standards - this is the compliance rate.

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