Voting in Marin

Implementing Vote Centers

Throughout 2021, the Elections Department worked with the California Secretary of State’s office and Marin voters to draft, edit, and finalize the department’s “Election Administration Plan” (EAP). This document, reviewed by public committees and members of the general public, explains in detail the way Marin County runs Vote Center elections, from ballot security measures to education and outreach efforts.
With the implementation of the Voter’s Choice Act, Marin residents can vote when and where it is convenient for them.  The June 2022 Primary was the first election held under the Vote Center Model, and the November 2022 Midterms gave the Department an opportunity to improve upon the processes created for the Primary.

Visualization of Voting Methods and Turnout Rate


Marin County voters consistently turn out in high numbers.  The charts below compare the last three presidential elections, showing breakdown of voting by mail and at the polls on the left, and turnout and ranking in the state on the right.

Exploring Vote Centers

The Elections Department is working on Phase One of the implementation plan to convert to vote centers by March of 2022.  Phase One consists of determining voting locations and drop box sites in compliance with election law, and projecting staffing needs and costs.  More information about vote centers is found on the Secretary of State's website.