Riding Green with Marin County

In an effort to become a more sustainable county, Marin County has acquired and deployed more fuel-efficient vehicles. Over time, we've replaced old gasoline fleet vehicles with hybrid and electric models. Illustrated below are metrics that present a more robust story of how we're achieving our goal of becoming less reliant of fossil fuel.

County Fleet’s Fuel System to be Improved

Covered by the California Regional Water Quality Board as a reimbursement for DPW clean-up efforts, installation of modern fueling systems will be implemented across eight facilities used by the County fleet. The system will improve usage tracking and environmental safeguards while enhancing employee safety. Additionally, two electric vehicles (EVs) and five hybrid cars will replace several aging gas vehicles in the fleet as part of the ongoing effort to improve the County's carbon footprint.

Charging Ahead

Through a commitment to climate action planning, the County of Marin has reduced community greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 21 percent below 1990 levels. The County’s carbon footprint has been improved further by adding 41 electric vehicle (EV) charging stations to the Civic Center in San Rafael.
Electric vehicle charging with the Civic Center spire in the background

Increase in Eco-Friendly Vehicles

The County of Marin is continuing to purchase fleet vehicles that are considered eco-friendly. The 83 current (January 2019) eco-friendly vehicles account for 22% of Marin County's vehicle fleet. The graph below shows the cumulative count of such vehicles by model year, e.g., there are 35 vehicles for model year 2010 or earlier, 64 for model year 2015 or earlier, etc.