Youth Development

Growing the reach of 4-H youth development

Our youth development program focuses on contributing to an inclusive and equitable society, improving scientific literacy, and increasing civic engagement. We accomplish these goals by ensuring youth have access to high quality youth development programs during afterschool and out-of-school time.
The Marin County 4-H program helps young people, ages 5-18, reach their fullest potential as competent, confident individuals who contribute to and are connected with their communities. Our objective is to grow our reach in Marin County, to serve more youth with high quality youth development programs. With only 1.3 FTE (3 people), we rely heavily on adult volunteers to plan and deliver programs, facilitate educational activities, and serve in administrative roles. 
In the previous four years, we have increased our reach with youth in Marin County, reaching over 4,000 youth (both directly and indirectly) last program year. While a decrease from the previous year, this level of reach continues the growth and momentum we have achieved since 2017. We anticipate that with the reopening of schools and after school programs at return to 2019 levels and continued movement to our 2025 goals. An important part of this is our continued recruitment of new adult volunteers to help in the delivery of our youth development programs and extend our reach.
4-H Youth Participation has significantly dropped in 2021 due to COVID-19 Pandemic impacts.
4-H youth giving a presentation in a school setting