Parks and Open Space

Marin County Parks is responsible for preserving, protecting and enriching the County’s regional and community park and open spaces through educational programming, climate change adaptation.


Dedicated to educating, inspiring, and engaging the people of Marin in the shared commitment of preserving, protecting, and enriching the natural beauty of Marin's parks and open spaces, and providing recreational opportunities for the enjoyment of all generations.


Embraced by the Pacific coast to the west and San Pablo Bay to the east, Marin County is a remarkably beautiful place, with an abundance of parks and open space preserves, reflecting the county’s rich heritage of land conservation. Through decades of hard work, residents, neighborhoods, organizations, and government have protected tens of thousands of acres of open space, hundreds of acres of parks, and miles of scenic trails that have become community treasures, adding immeasurably to the quality of life enjoyed in Marin. Learn more about Parks.
Throughout Marin County are 34 open space preserves that harbor unique species and ecosystems and provide visitors a chance to experience some of the most treasured landscapes in northern California. Vegetation management goals include the protection of sensitive habitats, reducing fire fuel hazards, managing invasive plants, and providing safe and sustainable recreation opportunities.
Marin County Parks continues to improve the percent of defensible space maintained on county lands adjacent to private properties, to reduce wildfire risk for Marin communities.

Parks At-a-Glance

Family standing in front of Measure A sign.

Measure A

In 2022, Marin voted to re-implement Parks Measure A, a ten-year, quarter cent sales tax to support parks, open space, and farmland preservation. Measure A funds vegetation management, road and trail maintenance, park maintenance, and much more. Read about Measure A. 

Park, Preserve, and Pathway Locations

The map above shows the location of all park and open space properties under the jurisdiction of Marin County Parks and the Marin County Open Space District.


Marin County Parks is committed to financial transparency. Each fiscal year, Parks issues an annual report, in addition to fully audited financials. Read Parks annual reports. Parks also reports routinely to several Boards and Commissions, including the Measure A Community Oversight Committee. 
Charts from annual report.


As a member of the One Tam collaborative, Marin County Parks collaborates across land management boundaries on a wide range of natural resources monitoring and conservation initiatives. This is just one example of the many ways Parks interacts with fellow land managers, other government agencies, and community partners.

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