District Attorney

The District Attorney is the elected public prosecutor whose principal duties include acting as the public prosecutor of violations of state law and county ordinance, instituting criminal proceedings against persons charged with or reasonably suspected of public offences, provides advice to the Civil and Criminal grand Juries and investigates criminal practices.


To promote safety through innovative and collaborative approaches to crime prevention and prosecution while maintaining our commitment to victims' rights, offender rehabilitation, consumer protection and public engagement.

FY 2023-2024 Continuous Improvement Focus

Externally Focused Initiative
The District Attorney’s Office has many programs designed to serve marginalized individuals and communities that are overrepresented as victims, defendants and witnesses in our justice system. Through Veterans Treatment Court the District Attorney’s Office, along with our justice partners, strive to identify Veterans and current U.S. military members who are in the justice system. The veterans receive wraparound services and specifically designed treatment programs to address their individual needs. Many individuals referred to the court may not be aware of resources available to them and are provided with Veterans resources regardless of whether they are admitted to the court. The treatment court provides services such as counseling, housing assistance, mental health, drug and alcohol treatment. These services provide participants with the tools needed to be healthy, safe, and contributing members of our community. The ultimate goal is to identify, enroll participants in Veterans Treatment Court and graduate as many eligible veterans as possible after successful completion of the program.
What does Success Look Like?
Our Veterans Treatment Court began in July of 2021. Since July of 2021, sixty people were referred to the court where they received information on eligible Veterans services whether or not they were admitted to the treatment court. The first class of 14 graduated from the Veterans Court in January of 2023. Twenty-six U.S. Veterans are participating at different levels in Veterans Treatment Court currently. Working in close partnership with our Justice Partners, our goal is to improve outreach to the Veteran community, increase Veteran education about resources available to them, increase Veteran referrals and enrollment to the program and have a successful graduation rate of 80 percent or higher.


Connecting the Community to the Courthouse
We fulfill our mission through the vision of Lori E. Frugoli, Marin County District Attorney, and the driving principle of her leadership, Connecting the Community to the Courthouse.

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