Marin's Many Types of Community Gardens

The UC Cooperative Extension Marin Community Garden Program 

The Community Garden Program aims to support all types of community gardens in the County as part of increasing access to healthy food, building community, and encouraging physical activity. This work includes gatherings, presentations, site visits, assessments, consultations, technical support, workshops, and material resources when possible, such as seeds, tools, books, and pots.
Adults standing by planted raised beds in a community garden

The Many Benefits of Community Gardens

  • Community building  
  • Increases access to healthy food 
  • Home values increased 
  • Increases green space recreation  
  • Provides outdoor and nature education  
  • Helps social integration for immigrants, seniors  
  • Increases physical activity 
  • Improves mental health  
  • Provides space for community events and family gatherings
  • Supplies surplus food for food banks or shelters  
  • Helps alleviates food insecurity  
  • Increases fruit and vegetable consumption  
  • Absorbs carbon with more green vegetation  
  • Uses less water than a lawn per square foot  
  • Supports pollinator insect populations  
  • Builds community resiliency  
  • Fresh local food can be tastier 
  • Saves food dollars 

The Marin Community Garden Interactive Map

About this map:  This map shows the many types of gardens in Marin, such as community, school, institutional, and faith-based gardens. Many have had support and advice from Marin Master Gardeners or UCCE Marin’s Community Garden Program. Many others flourish from ongoing support of passionate community volunteers. The purpose of this map is to illustrate the abundance of community gardens in Marin and to connect prospective gardeners with gardens in their neighborhood.
Using this map:  Click on any dot to bring up a pop-up window with details about a specific garden.
Click on “Legend” button (“i” icon in the blue bar at the top of the map), and/or “Layers” button (stack of papers icon in the blue bar) to identify and manipulate color-coded garden categories.

Marin's Community & School Gardens Over Time

Over our program's life, UCCE Marin has increased its outreach and support to community & school gardens, both old and new!

For more information, visit the Marin Master Gardeners School and Community Gardens website