Information Services & Technology

The Information Services and Technology Department deploys information services and telecommunications technologies throughout the County government and maintains the County’s technology infrastructure.


Connects the people with their government by providing innovative products and services tailored to the needs of our departments and communities accessible anytime, anywhere.

Our Values

We have a diverse and open-minded workforce with the courage to innovate creative solutions.
We respect our clients and each other by acting with integrity, being responsive, and resourceful.
We adapt to the changing needs of our customers by embracing new technologies and processes.
We believe in simplicity, standardization, and stability as baseline goals for all our services.

FY 2023-2024 Continuous Improvement Focus

Business Process Improvement Initiative
Information Services and Technology is focused on operational excellence in their work – “getting it done and how it gets done.” The Department will improve governance and project management processes to more accurately schedule, forecast, and allocate resources for the County’s technology projects to streamline time to delivery.
What does Success Look Like?
With these improvements, the Information Services and Technology Department will improve the completion rate and timeliness of County technology project delivery.


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