Income in Marin

The social determinants of health are a major driver of community well being.  While Marin consistently ranks near the top in most health factors, there are meaningful disparities between life expectancy in Marin’s highest income census tracts compared to the lowest income census tract. Family economic security, tightly correlated with race and ethnicity, must serve as a key focus in our mission to provide excellent services that support healthy, safe and sustainable communities.   
To alleviate the strain on County services and to help promote an acceptable living standard for working residents, in 2002 the Board of Supervisors adopted an ordinance instituting a living wage policy. This policy requires County contractors and subcontractors to provide the following to their employees: (1) wages of at least $13.00 per hour with health benefits; or (2) the payment of at least $14.80 per hour if no health benefits are provided. The Ordinance applies to a contractor or subcontractor only if it has in excess of $25,000 in cumulative annual business with a County department or departments. Effective January 1, 2020, the rates increased to $13.40 per hour with health benefits; or (2) the payment of at least $15.25 per hour if no health benefits are provided.

Median Household Income

All the visualizations in this section are based on American Community Survey data.
The dashboard below shows two sheets, Income by Ethnicity and Income by type. The "Income by Ethnicity" sheet shows the median income of households in Marin County, sorted by ethnicity. The "Income by Type" sheet shows the type of mean earnings, per each household, from all wages, salary or form of payments, such as retirement income or social security. You can filter this data by "Place" and "Year." 

Income by Type and Ethnicity

Income by Age

Income by Ethnicity

Distribution of Income in Marin

Number of Households in Marin County within Income and Age Ranges

The next visualization shows the number of households in Marin County within specific income brackets. This visualization also shows the number of households by ethnicity in all of Marin. Select an "Income Range" and "Year" from the filters to see data on the number of households within Marin County that fall within this income range, categorized by the majority ethnicity of each household.