How Marin Votes

Addressing Equal Access to Voting Information

One issue the Elections Department faced when reaching out to language minority communities was how to provide accessible election information in a voter's primary language. To address this issue, the Elections Department partnered with Hearst Media Co. to create a digital advertising campaign that would display important information in advertisements that were translated to the same language the voter uses to browse the internet. This satisfied our goal that voters have access to information in their own language without having to search through our website for translations. 
An image of Register to Vote campaign in Chinese
The picture of Register to Vote campaign in Spanish.
An image of Marin Votes in Vietnamese


The goal of the campaign is to provide election information directly to voters by advertising in the language they use to browse the internet. 


Campaign is aimed at Marin County residents 18 years old and over who consider Spanish, Chinese, or Vietnamese their primary language.


Campaign advertised the November 8, 2022 General Election, registration information, and how to access more information about the election. 

Campaign Statistics


Impressions is one of the ways to see how many people interacted with a website. In simple words, an impression shows how many times the ad has been seen by the public. Even if the person did not click on the advertisement, it will still count as an impression. The chart on the right shows the number of impressions for 2022 Elections campaign in different languages.


Click is a type of interaction that shows  how many people clicked on the advertising campaign to access important Elections information.
Clicks are one the most desirable  interaction for the ad, as it is a way to evaluate how well the advertisement worked in order to gain engagement from a specific audience.
The chart on the left shows the number of clicks on ads in different languages for the 2022 Elections campaign.

Click-Through Rate

Click-through rate is a metric that measures the number of clicks received on the campaign ads per number of impressions. This number is the percentage of people who viewed 2022 Elections campaign  ads (impressions) and then actually clicked on the ad (clicks).
The chart on the right shows click-through rate for campaigns in different languages in comparison with the industry standard metric for the click-through rate.